22 January 2007

A new blog for a new focus

Hello I must be going,

My Urban Wilderness blog is being retired. I decided to upgrade to a WordPress blog and have it hosted on my own domain name.

In many ways nothing will change, but it better reflects what I am doing now.

So come join me over at http://www.bokashiman.com

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14 January 2007

Peace on Earth 2007 - depending on which button you push

Peace on Earth 2007 - depending on which button you push
Originally uploaded by urbanwild.

It's not to late. It never is. Push the right button and make it happen!!

10 January 2007

$35K Medical School. Yeah, right!

$35K Medical School
Originally uploaded by urbanwild.

From their website: "American Dream Abroad is an international consulting company comprising [sic] physicians and professionals. If you have dreamed of a career in medicine, we can help turn it into reality."

You get the education you pay for.

The ad was found in the hard copy version of this newspaper in Vancouver, BC.

Can you believe this? How many foriegn trained doctors in Canada are taxi drivers and convenience store workers?

Do not be fooled. They want your money but they offer no guarantee of employment. In fact they say you are eligible for residency but if you don't know enough you won't get in.

Caveat Emptor!
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04 January 2007

BC Property Values as a Tag Cloud in The Vancouver Sun

BC Property Values as a Tag Cloud
Originally uploaded by urbanwild.

"The larger the letters, the larger growth in property values for 2006." Not shown as a bar graph or a pie chart but as a tag cloud. This is the first time I've seen this in non-internet media.

It is interesting to see Web 2.0 etymology/folksonomy filtering into the real world.

One caveat: as we become accustomed to viewing data instead of actually reading it, we can lose our ability to engage in critical thinking.

Also blogged about here and here.
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Rainbow2 - "For moments like this, always!!"

My response

Rainbow1 - "Do you always keep a camera with you?"

Question asked by one my colleagues as I was taking this picture at my workplace

17 December 2006

Blue Heron in snow

My first video posted on YouTube.

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08 December 2006

Holiday Market 2006 - December 9 & 10

Holiday Market 2006 - December 9 & 10: December 9 & 10, 2006
10am - 5pm both days
Heritage Hall, (Main Street and 15th Avenue) Vancouver
Admission: $2 each day Children under 13 FREE
Each day is different! Shop at familiar summer market vendors and new vendors you may have never met before.

All products are juried for quality, made in BC and sold by the producer only. Get the finest in food and gift items for the holidays at this eagerly anticipated market! Contact your favourite vendors below to place advance orders to avoid sell-outs and disappointment. This is a very popular event and lineups are common - but it's worth the wait!

Market members get free admission and front of the line access - show your membership cards at the door.
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Green Homes, Realtors, and News in British Columbia

Since our homes are probably the largest producers of greenhouse gases [the power that runs them & the things made we buy to put in them comes from the power grid] this makes sense. It concerns me that the price of greening real estate will make it even more unattainable in Vancouver's over-priced housing market. I want this project/effort to do well.

Green Homes, Realtors, and News in British Columbia

GreenerHomes.ca is a free online resource of green* related news, tips, opinions, and directories of green products, organizations, and more organizations pertaining to homes and property. In addition to it's presence on the web, the GreenerHomes.ca team offers a 'green' realty service throughout British Columbia for both Buyers and Sellers of real estate.

Be sure to check it out. Looks promising. The use of the word "green" is so generic, I seached the site for sustainable and am pleased by the results.

And, if you are not coming to the C.A.N./Solar Power Roadshow event tomorrow, go to this one:

This Saturday, please join us for a fun and informative presentation by James that explores what a greener home is; the benefits of greener homes; and provides tips on how to green your home including leads for green-home grants and financing. Learn about how the real estate market is greening and how to get ahead of the curve. Packed with firsthand stories and website links to access more information, the presentation concludes with an inspiring slideshow of incredible 'natural' BC homes that have been built for less than $75,000!

which is announced on James Rodgers' blog

Location: Light House Sustainable Building Centre
1575 Johnston St, Granville Island (above Rogers Chocolates)
Time: Saturday, December 9, 2-4pm
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BBC NEWS: Canada upholds gay marriage law

Well, Canada made the grade over at the Beeb:

BBC NEWS: Canada upholds gay marriage law
Canadian MPs have rejected a proposal by the governing Conservative party to overturn a law allowing gay marriage.

Twelve Conservative MPs, including several members of the cabinet, joined Liberals and Canada's other opposition parties to defeat the motion 175-123.

Read it all.

In a universe parallel to this blogiverse, I talk to people on the phone encouraging them to make a donation to a non-profit/charitable organization. When that group's support of same-sex marriage is a deal breaker and no further support is likely, I usually end the call in this way:

I understand how you feel and I want to leave you with this thought: 150 years ago, slavery was legal. 100 years ago, women couldn't vote. Have a good day.

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07 December 2006

Patterson-Gimlin Footage Stabilization at Cryptomundo.com

And now for something completely different.

Bigfoot. Walking. On level ground. Looking like a man.

Patterson-Gimlin Footage Stabilization at Cryptomundo.com

Dressed in a monkey suit.

Or is he....?

Gaisma - Vancouver, Canada - Sunrise, sunset, dawn and dusk times for the whole year

A graphical view of Vancouver's light/dark time....

Vancouver, Canada - Sunrise, sunset, dawn and dusk times for the whole year

The graph adjusts for Daylight Savings Time.

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