22 January 2007

A new blog for a new focus

Hello I must be going,

My Urban Wilderness blog is being retired. I decided to upgrade to a WordPress blog and have it hosted on my own domain name.

In many ways nothing will change, but it better reflects what I am doing now.

So come join me over at http://www.bokashiman.com

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14 January 2007

Peace on Earth 2007 - depending on which button you push

Peace on Earth 2007 - depending on which button you push
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It's not to late. It never is. Push the right button and make it happen!!

10 January 2007

$35K Medical School. Yeah, right!

$35K Medical School
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From their website: "American Dream Abroad is an international consulting company comprising [sic] physicians and professionals. If you have dreamed of a career in medicine, we can help turn it into reality."

You get the education you pay for.

The ad was found in the hard copy version of this newspaper in Vancouver, BC.

Can you believe this? How many foriegn trained doctors in Canada are taxi drivers and convenience store workers?

Do not be fooled. They want your money but they offer no guarantee of employment. In fact they say you are eligible for residency but if you don't know enough you won't get in.

Caveat Emptor!
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04 January 2007

BC Property Values as a Tag Cloud in The Vancouver Sun

BC Property Values as a Tag Cloud
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"The larger the letters, the larger growth in property values for 2006." Not shown as a bar graph or a pie chart but as a tag cloud. This is the first time I've seen this in non-internet media.

It is interesting to see Web 2.0 etymology/folksonomy filtering into the real world.

One caveat: as we become accustomed to viewing data instead of actually reading it, we can lose our ability to engage in critical thinking.

Also blogged about here and here.
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Rainbow2 - "For moments like this, always!!"

My response

Rainbow1 - "Do you always keep a camera with you?"

Question asked by one my colleagues as I was taking this picture at my workplace