31 July 2004

Temperature Report for July, 2004 - July 31, 2004 Pic

Temperature Report for July, 2004- July 31, 2004 Pic


Packet Bob has a weather reporting station connected to the internet. It is where I now get my weather data from as it is closer to my garden site than Abbotsford, BC

30 July 2004

Pictures developed and being added to entries - Friday, July 30, 2004

[Note: Before Flickr - Al]

Pictures developed and being added to entries - Friday, July 30, 2004

Take a look: Garlic Chives/Ontario-False Creek - July 12, 2004 Pics

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27 July 2004

Rebuilding the base - Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Rebuilding the base - Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Max temp: 28 °C
Min temp: 14 °C
Hazy, smoke & high cloud

8L water 12Noon

After yesterday's attack, I brought a beer carton to the site cut a part of
to fit and put a small section down where the newspaper was removed from. I
made sure that no corners were exposed, so it doesn't look as if there is
anything underneath the soil.

I also bought a bag of topsoil a few weeks ago and have been bringing it
with me in small container - about five cups. That fills in the gaps and
adds more body to the plot. Since I used potting soil it is very loose and
peaty. The soil retains more moisture, so maybe I can water less.

In the evening I didn't water. Instead, I cut away all the exposed paper and
coffee filters that were showing under the soil.

The purple tansy seems to have grown an inch in less than a day. Some of the
flowers are starting to emerge. I took a pic with flash to show progress.

26 July 2004

More vandalism - Monday, July 26, 2004

More vandalism - Monday, July 26, 2004

Max Temp: 26 °C
Min Temp: 14 °C

8L evening

The plot was disturbed before my evening visit. The dirt was
loose around the edges. In addition to footprints, people have
also ridden their bikes over it near the narrow end. This was
different. The uniform smoothness was gone. It looked like an
earthquake had occured.

I cleaned it up making it look normal and took a before and
Rebuilding base - 27July 2004

Weeds/clover was growing where I had not seen it
before. I picked them out and as the dirt was displaced, I
didn't realize what had happened until a few hours later.

More vandalism - 26July04

Someone removed the newspaper from *below* the dirt from
the south end and east side of the plot. [Thus the earthquake
look.] So now the soil where my plants are growing is exposed
to the weeds & grass underneath which will quickly grow through.

It is sad, pathetic and insane that people have such a need
to destroy. I'd like to meet them and ask them why.

The only real response I have is to replace the newspaper and
soil and plant again.

At 11:00PM, the waxing half moon was nearly at the 2/3 mark
of its journey through the evening sky and was a light
red/brown colour that would have looked more appropriate
as it was setting. This matches what I observed this morning.

As I was leaving the house today, in my first few minutes
outside it seemed that the light between the shadows of the
trees on the ground were sunset orange. Smoke from fires in
the interior of BC is causing this.

25 July 2004

Weather Report [unable to visit/water] Thursday, July 22 - 24, 2004

Weather Report [unable to visit/water] Thursday, July 22 - 24, 2004

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Max Temp: 26.6 C
Min Temp: 18 C

Friday, July 23, 2004

Max Temp: 29.4 C
Min Temp: 18.7 C

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Max Temp: 26.5
Min Temp: 19.3

Environment Canada reports that the official Vancouver Temp
is recorded at the airport which is at sea level
by the ocean and suggests more accurate temperature
for Vancouver is the data for Abbotsford.

Weather forcast July 27 - 30

Vancouver, BC

High: 25 °C
Low: 17 °C

High: 27°C
Low: 18 °C

High: 26°C
Low: 18°C

High: 25°C
Low: 18°C


High: 31 °C
Low: 15 °C

High: 32°C
Low: 15 °C

High: 30°C
Low: 16°C

High: 29°C
Low: 16°C

24 July 2004

Plant pick-up from Farmer's Market - Saturday, July 24, 2004

Plant pick-up from Farmer's Market - Saturday, July 24, 2004

Max Temp. 27.6°C
Min Temp. 18.8°C
No visit, no water - Molson Indy Race on in area.

Bonnie Townsend from Lowland Herb Farm brought for
me from her farm two Creeping Thyme
plants and a
Salad Burnett
In addition, I bought two
Anise Hyssop
http://www.ibiblio.org/pfaf/cgi-bin/arr_html?Agastache+foeniculum and an
http://www.ibiblio.org/pfaf/cgi-bin/arr_html?Echinacea+purpurea .

Total cost: $10

After went to Figrao's Garden and bought 3 more packet of seeds from their
West Coast Seeds www.westcoastseeds.com 2 Corn Salad [MS478A] and Mega
Edible Pea Pod (Snap Pea) [PE619A]
Their buy two get one free offer was still in effect

Total cost: $4.81

Finally went to Dig This to pick up my Red Clover order
[They called Friday]. Since the response was so
good/fast, I think I will use them to order from West Coast too.

23 July 2004

email: Re: Ontario/1st planting area - Friday, July 23, 2004

email: Re: Ontario/1st planting area - Friday, July 23, 2004

From: Al Pasternak
To: Dixon, Terry
Sent: Thursday, July 22, 2004 11:20 PM
Subject: Re: Ontario/1st planting area

Hi Terry,

Thank you for your assistance.

Yes, I would like to garden in that space and I would be happy
to talk with the Transit Museum Society people if that would
help. They might be able to supply me with water or a space
for a rain barrel kept on the other side of the fence.

I checked the ground and it is very sandy. A few cubic yards of
Vancouver's finest landfill compost would be an excellent
ammendment. I will attempt to co-ordinate that with Ron
Borger when I discuss the False Creek bed [to the north of
Ontario & 1st Ave] with him.

Do you know what plants were there before and why they did
not thrive besides lack of water?

What is the large bush in the north east corner?

Yours Truly,

Al Pasternak

From: "Dixon, Terry"
To: "'aap@greatday.ca'"
Subject: Ontario/1st planting area
Date sent: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 13:13:33 -0700

> Hello Al,
> I took a look at the planting bed at the street car station which is
> the location my boss, Doug Smith, suggested. I've attached a photo of
> it. This is City property but it's operated by the Transit Museum
> Society. There were plants there a couple of years ago and the soil
> was prepared to accommodate them. Doug said that if you are
> interested in gardening this space, please let us know and he'll let
> the Transit Museum people know.
> Terry
CarBarn pic from July 2004

Theresa (Terry) Dixon, Green Streets Program Coordinator
> City of Vancouver
> Engineering Services
> Greenways Branch
> 604 873-7204

21 July 2004

Molson Indy Lockout - Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Molson Indy Lockout - Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Max Temp: 24 C
Min Temp: 16 C
Mainly Clear

Daytime: Lee Hodgson says everything is open until Thursday. A
security guard stops me at Ontario & 1st. I bluff my way through
and another security guard tries to stop me past Science World.

Night visit: Even more locked up. Again, I insist I need to water
my plants and they let through to do it. Upon my return, they say
I'm not allowed to ride on the race course.

18 July 2004

Replanting Stanley Park with Seed Balls - 18July04

This email was sent to Ivy Busters as an example of how seed balls can
be used to re-forest devastated areas.

It includes information on how seed balls are made and two
practical examples of how they can be used.

I'll bet if I had a lawyer he'd make me write this:

The seeds are for my own use and distribution and your help
would be appreciated if you have extra or unused seeds to
send me. This journal entry is not a solicitation on behalf of the
The Stanley Park Ecology Society nor an endorsement by them
of my activities.


Heather Barnes
Ivy Busters Coordinator
The Stanley Park Ecology Society

Hello Heather,

I saw the news items from a month ago about your Ivy Busters project
http://www.vcn.bc.ca/spes/ivybust.htm and at the end of the story it
mentioned that you will need funding to replant the desert created by
the ivy after it has been removed.

My back prevents me from offering direct physical help with removing
the ivy itself, but I would love to assist your restoration work. I
discovered a method that could involve school children and other
community members in your efforts:

Seed balls

1 Part : Dry Mixed Seeds with all kinds of desired plants.
3 Parts : Dry Compost with fungi and soil microbes, (plant compost,
not animal manure). 5 Parts : Dry Red or Brown Clay, finely powdered
and sifted, not gray or white clay, if possible. * Mix ingredients
DRY, turning and sifting to coat seeds with soil, then clay, then add:
* 1 to 2 Parts : Water added a little at a time until the clay mix is
easily workable.

Once they are dry, seed balls may be stored in a cool dry place, where
they can breathe until they are spread abroad. Or they may be
broadcast immediately after drying, and allowed to lay dormant in
place until released by timely rains.....The seed balls, however, are
perfectly content to simply lay about "sleeping" until the right
amount of rain falls to insure their success. When rains come, no
matter where a seed ball has landed, something from the mix inside
will be at home on the spot, so all possible habitat bases are covered
in one broadcast application, and plant successions are accelerated by
generations. A minimum application seeks a scatter density of at least
10 seed balls per square meter. Adequate coverage requires at least
.20 grams of seeds per seed ball, or 2 grams of seeds per square meter
minimum! Rehabilitation requires at least 3 grams of seeds per square
meter. These are only general recommendations. One acre contains 43,
560 square feet, or 4, 050 square meters. Between 8 and 12 kilograms,
or 20 to 30 pounds of mixed seeds are required per acre. One hectare
contains 2.471 acres. http://www.seedballs.com/

How it can be used:

1) PPWP's seed ball project will re-vegetate 40 acres of the Cerro
Grande burn area with native grasses and wildflowers.
Volunteers made 125,000 seed balls this winter, and to spread
them on the ground in the spring and summer.

The balls have sprouted!

* Posted by: Eric_Burke z9 Japan (My Page) on Wed, Jun 16, 04 at

"One week later, the seedballs have sprouted! I went up to the mountain
on my break, just like last week, and I found that my seedballs have
dozens of different seeds sprouting from them! It is so amazing! In
some of them, the force of the sprouting broke the ball in half, and I
found the other half a centimeter away! Now was that natural, or did
something distub [sic] it? But it is really neat. I could tell that quite a
few of the sprouts are radish/daikon, and there is at least one oat
growing from each ball. Now for the natural thinning. Survival of the
fittest (for each microclime, at least)! I will keep records of which
plant won the battle in each location, that way I will know where the
best places are to plant (purposely) each veggie in the future."

Again, I would be happy to assist you in this work.

Yours Truly,

15 July 2004

Overwatering? - Thursday, July 15, 2004

Overwatering? - Thursday, July 15, 2004

Max Temp. 22.7C
Min Temp. 15.3C

4L at 930pm

Uh...maybe I am overwatering.

I found a website Wednesday morning
that talks about plant/garden irrigation
and he says this first:

"The first basic irrigation scheduling rule for drought-tolerant plants is never water if the soil is still wet."

Now, I believe my wildflowers are drought tolerant, but I
planted them in June, not April, so they need water to thrive
and succeed throughout the summer but I am going ease
off on soaking them every day. It was very strange
to stop by and not get the watering can off the bike.

I've been talking with Terry Dixon of the City of Vancouver
Green Streets
program about that boxed off area just north of 1st Ave
where Ontario ends. She says it is on city property but
could not be part of the Green Streets program because
it is not a traffic circle or corner bulge, so if I
wanted to do something about it would have to be a
"guerrilla type of garden project."

That's fine, except it was weed-whacked a few weeks
ago, so I would be concerned that whoever was in
charge of working in that area would come by after
it was planted and weed-whack it again.

Terry also told me about an area just to the west
where the Vancouver Historic Streetcar
has a shelter for passengers that is unplanted.
I took a look at it and it is about 20 ft long
and about 5ft wide. There were some trees stumps
and a few bushes. The soil is sandy, but it
has potential.

I will contact Vancouver Engineering to see what
they say about making a garden in those areas.
There is a telephone poll and a light standard
within the boxed area. I memorized the number
of the light standard and wrote it down when I got

14 July 2004

Ordered Red Clover from Richters @ Dig This - Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Ordered Red Clover from Richters @ Dig This - Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Max Temp: 21.8
Min Temp: 15.5
Cloudy then Clear
8L in afternoon only

Dig This! [UW - now sold & operating under new name]
is a garden supply store on Granville Island that I
found on Canada Day. I knew they had seeds by Richter's
so I ordered a kilo of Red Clover through them.
They said it may be a few weeks and I had to pay
for it in advance. [$20.00] $21.40 w/tax.

13 July 2004

Grass & Weeds - Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Grass & Weeds - Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Max Temp. 28.2°C
Min Temp. 15.5°C

8L [2 gallons] water 12:30pm / 6L 9:30pm

The grass/weeds are breaking through to the other side of
the newspaper barrier, finding opportunities to come into
the light. I don't blame them, but I reach and tear them
out as soon as I see them. I have to start bringing soil
with me to fill the hole I have made.

At the evening visit, two fellows with bikes standing
nearby chatting came over and took a look. One said,
"I come by here everyday, I've never noticed this
before." Well, the bike path actually moves off the
path a few meters south of my plot, so if you don't
know its there, it is hard to see. Today I will take pics
of the surrrounding area.

I saved some water from my evening visit and
stopped by Ontario & 8th and watered the garlic chives.

12 July 2004

Garlic Chives/Ontario-False Creek - July 12, 2004 Pics

Garlic Chives/Ontario-False Creek - July 12, 2004 Pics

Max Temp: 24°C
Min Temp: 13.3°C
Water @ BPQ 4L 930pm

4 Garlic Chives pots planted on Ontario & 8th St [between
parking lot & sidewalk] - O8S I dug up the sandy soil, put in a
handfull of compost underneath and around side, cover back
up with sand and tamped down with foot. Lightly watered.

Garlic Chives/Ontario #1 - 12July04

Another view
Garlic Chives/Ontario #2 - 12July04

and another:

Garlic Chives/Ontario #3 - 12July04

More weeds growing in same area of plot as July 4.
Again, scraped soil away and put down a ziplock bag that was
nearby and replaced soil and amended with compost from my
garden. Hoping that it isn't filled with Morning Glory.

Red bungee cord removed from bike over weekend - at
Strathcona? I'm sure I noticed it present on Sunday AM.

11 July 2004

1 Portulaca removed/stolen - Sunday July 11, 2004 - Pics

1 Portulaca removed/stolen - Sunday July 11, 2004 - Pics

Max Temp: 22.4°C
Min Temp: 14°C
Overcast/Light cloud
No watering
PIC 12:00Noon & 9pm with flash

Came by on way to work and took pic of plot.
Right portluca was bright red almost purple.
Stunning colour
Portulaca there - 11July04

On ride home noticed ground disturbed and saw same
plant now gone. Took pic with flash.
Portulaca gone - 11July04

I am saddened that people have so little regard for
the efforts of others and believe must take something if they
wish to enjoy it.

Pattern: Plants removed on weekends.

There is a patch of ground that is filled with cedar chips
just inside the main entrance of False Creek where
Ontario St ends. Whatever was growing there
was cut down in preparation of the Molson Indy.
I'm going to call Green Streets office at City Hall
tomorrow to see who is responsible for what goes
on there. Maybe they can fill it up with topsoil and
I can plant something there.
North view:
1st Ave & Ontario, North view - 11Jul04

South view
1st Ave & Ontario, South view - 11July04

10 July 2004

Farmer's Market & Figaro's Garden - July 10, 2004

Farmer's Market & Figaro's Garden - July 10, 2004

Max Temp. 20.5°C
Min Temp. 12.9°C
Precip. Total 5.2 mm

Met my friend Sharon at the East Vancouver Farmer's Market
http://www.eatlocal.org/and bought some 4 Galic Chive plants
from Bonnie Townsend of Lowland Herb Farm

My plan is to plant them underneath the trees on Ontario St between the
sidewalk and the parking lot. I rode by there later and dug up the soil a
bit. Very sandy. Will plant with compost added to amend soil make it
stronger. The area is also walked on as people go to their cars, so I will
have to mark it off with string, sticks and flagging tape.

After Farmer's Market went to Figaro's Garden and after a look around went
inside. They had a West Coast Seed rack and items were on sale. Buy two get
one free!

So I built up my wildflower collection and bought two Cottage Perrenial
Mixes [FL3447A] and one Butterfly Wildflower Mix [FL3448A]

I also took a look at the vegetable section and may have found the perrenial
green vegetable I have been seeking: Corn Salad [MS478A]
aka Corn Salad = mache = lamb's lettuce = lamb's
tongue = field lettuce = field salad = fetticus. West Coast's description
says that is a self-sower, easy to grow, and winter hardy on the Coast.

In addition, I bought Swiss Chard - Bright Lights [SW753A] and a Lettuce
Blend [LT455B].

Near the trees outside of Figaro's there was a white clover flower head, but
the leaves were brown edged in green. According to Google it is TRIFOLIUM
repens 'Purpurascens'
. I'm trying to locate seed for this plant. The owner of the Figaro's is back on Thursday.

On my way home, a rain deluge started. Underneath a tree, I put on my gear
and was getting wet. It was raining harder in the open. I was dryer but
still getting wet underneath the tree. I suppose I could have waited on a
house porch, but I decided to move on. Seconds later I was soaking wet. By
the time I had travelled the six blocks from Ontario St to Cambie, the worst
of it was over.

09 July 2004

No Visit/Thundershower - Friday, July 9, 2004

No Visit/Thundershower - Friday, July 9, 2004

No climate info available from Enviroment Canada

Thundershower in downtown core around 4:30pm.

08 July 2004

Thursday, July 8, 2004 - Bald spots

Thursday, July 8, 2004 - Bald spots

Max Temp. 20.4°C
Min Temp. 13.6°C
Mainly Cloudy / Overcast

Did not water at Noon.
Only 4L at 9:30PM.

Concerned about bald spots in soil where no seed are
germinating. Since I will be adding more seeds in the fall it is
not a big deal, but I have this asthetic desire to make it look
full. The Purple Tansy by the telephone poll is doing great. May
have to thin it.

Molson Indy racecourse preparations are getting in the way of my
bike route past the garden site. It is not completely blocked
but access is becoming more circuitous as they install concrete
barriers that determine the track.

I've been exploring other possiblities for guerilla gardening
space. City of Vancouver says if it doesn't block traffic its ok.

Working on creating a Link list for this blog.

07 July 2004

July 7, 2004

Max Temp. 21.1°C
Min Temp. 13.9°C
Mostly Clear

Light rain overnight. Ground mosit. Noticed that Purple Tansy at tip of garden is not as big as those near the telephone pole.

Ground at tip is wet, soil not as thick. Will water less in future. Need to build up soil in that area. Ground cover newspapers are becoming exposed. Weighted down with stone.

Some people stop by to chat while waiting for light to change. Often positive comments.

06 July 2004

July 6, 2004

Min: 14.7
Max: 21.9
Rain in early morning
Overcast most of day

Late shift - started 5pm. Came by site 4pm. No watering.

Noticing bald spots where seedling are not coming up.

Will spread seeds when cut down in fall and add more in October

05 July 2004

Garden plot in middle of Molson Indy race course - Monday, July 5, 2004

Monday, July 5, 2004 -
Garden plot in middle of Molson Indy race course.

My garden is in the middle of the Molson Indy Race Course [now defunct]
so I called them up and spoke to the site co-ordinator.

Lee says that my garden is right behind the Victory stand and
that he has wondered what "that patch of dirt" is doing there.

As of July 23, 2004 9AM there will be no access to the track area
except by special pass permission. Explaining that I water it
almost everyday, he said he would arrange for a volunteer to
"throw some water on it" during the race days.

Of course, if it is raining that will not be required.

04 July 2004

July 4, 2004

Min: 13.4
Max: 22.9
Cloudy followed by sun

Water 8L 12Noon
Hot & Sunny

Grass/weeds growing in middle side where I had picked before.
Removed dirt from area and pick as many root as possible.

Put a small square of newspaper down and replaced dirt.

Tansy doing well at telephone pole. Seedlings frilling out.