13 July 2004

Grass & Weeds - Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Grass & Weeds - Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Max Temp. 28.2°C
Min Temp. 15.5°C

8L [2 gallons] water 12:30pm / 6L 9:30pm

The grass/weeds are breaking through to the other side of
the newspaper barrier, finding opportunities to come into
the light. I don't blame them, but I reach and tear them
out as soon as I see them. I have to start bringing soil
with me to fill the hole I have made.

At the evening visit, two fellows with bikes standing
nearby chatting came over and took a look. One said,
"I come by here everyday, I've never noticed this
before." Well, the bike path actually moves off the
path a few meters south of my plot, so if you don't
know its there, it is hard to see. Today I will take pics
of the surrrounding area.

I saved some water from my evening visit and
stopped by Ontario & 8th and watered the garlic chives.