11 July 2004

1 Portulaca removed/stolen - Sunday July 11, 2004 - Pics

1 Portulaca removed/stolen - Sunday July 11, 2004 - Pics

Max Temp: 22.4°C
Min Temp: 14°C
Overcast/Light cloud
No watering
PIC 12:00Noon & 9pm with flash

Came by on way to work and took pic of plot.
Right portluca was bright red almost purple.
Stunning colour
Portulaca there - 11July04

On ride home noticed ground disturbed and saw same
plant now gone. Took pic with flash.
Portulaca gone - 11July04

I am saddened that people have so little regard for
the efforts of others and believe must take something if they
wish to enjoy it.

Pattern: Plants removed on weekends.

There is a patch of ground that is filled with cedar chips
just inside the main entrance of False Creek where
Ontario St ends. Whatever was growing there
was cut down in preparation of the Molson Indy.
I'm going to call Green Streets office at City Hall
tomorrow to see who is responsible for what goes
on there. Maybe they can fill it up with topsoil and
I can plant something there.
North view:
1st Ave & Ontario, North view - 11Jul04

South view
1st Ave & Ontario, South view - 11July04