26 July 2004

More vandalism - Monday, July 26, 2004

More vandalism - Monday, July 26, 2004

Max Temp: 26 °C
Min Temp: 14 °C

8L evening

The plot was disturbed before my evening visit. The dirt was
loose around the edges. In addition to footprints, people have
also ridden their bikes over it near the narrow end. This was
different. The uniform smoothness was gone. It looked like an
earthquake had occured.

I cleaned it up making it look normal and took a before and
Rebuilding base - 27July 2004

Weeds/clover was growing where I had not seen it
before. I picked them out and as the dirt was displaced, I
didn't realize what had happened until a few hours later.

More vandalism - 26July04

Someone removed the newspaper from *below* the dirt from
the south end and east side of the plot. [Thus the earthquake
look.] So now the soil where my plants are growing is exposed
to the weeds & grass underneath which will quickly grow through.

It is sad, pathetic and insane that people have such a need
to destroy. I'd like to meet them and ask them why.

The only real response I have is to replace the newspaper and
soil and plant again.

At 11:00PM, the waxing half moon was nearly at the 2/3 mark
of its journey through the evening sky and was a light
red/brown colour that would have looked more appropriate
as it was setting. This matches what I observed this morning.

As I was leaving the house today, in my first few minutes
outside it seemed that the light between the shadows of the
trees on the ground were sunset orange. Smoke from fires in
the interior of BC is causing this.