15 July 2004

Overwatering? - Thursday, July 15, 2004

Overwatering? - Thursday, July 15, 2004

Max Temp. 22.7C
Min Temp. 15.3C

4L at 930pm

Uh...maybe I am overwatering.

I found a website Wednesday morning
that talks about plant/garden irrigation
and he says this first:

"The first basic irrigation scheduling rule for drought-tolerant plants is never water if the soil is still wet."

Now, I believe my wildflowers are drought tolerant, but I
planted them in June, not April, so they need water to thrive
and succeed throughout the summer but I am going ease
off on soaking them every day. It was very strange
to stop by and not get the watering can off the bike.

I've been talking with Terry Dixon of the City of Vancouver
Green Streets
program about that boxed off area just north of 1st Ave
where Ontario ends. She says it is on city property but
could not be part of the Green Streets program because
it is not a traffic circle or corner bulge, so if I
wanted to do something about it would have to be a
"guerrilla type of garden project."

That's fine, except it was weed-whacked a few weeks
ago, so I would be concerned that whoever was in
charge of working in that area would come by after
it was planted and weed-whack it again.

Terry also told me about an area just to the west
where the Vancouver Historic Streetcar
has a shelter for passengers that is unplanted.
I took a look at it and it is about 20 ft long
and about 5ft wide. There were some trees stumps
and a few bushes. The soil is sandy, but it
has potential.

I will contact Vancouver Engineering to see what
they say about making a garden in those areas.
There is a telephone poll and a light standard
within the boxed area. I memorized the number
of the light standard and wrote it down when I got