27 July 2004

Rebuilding the base - Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Rebuilding the base - Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Max temp: 28 °C
Min temp: 14 °C
Hazy, smoke & high cloud

8L water 12Noon

After yesterday's attack, I brought a beer carton to the site cut a part of
to fit and put a small section down where the newspaper was removed from. I
made sure that no corners were exposed, so it doesn't look as if there is
anything underneath the soil.

I also bought a bag of topsoil a few weeks ago and have been bringing it
with me in small container - about five cups. That fills in the gaps and
adds more body to the plot. Since I used potting soil it is very loose and
peaty. The soil retains more moisture, so maybe I can water less.

In the evening I didn't water. Instead, I cut away all the exposed paper and
coffee filters that were showing under the soil.

The purple tansy seems to have grown an inch in less than a day. Some of the
flowers are starting to emerge. I took a pic with flash to show progress.