01 January 2004

Why this blog?

Why this blog?

I am planting unused spaces in Vancouver, BC with edible plants or wildflowers to create beauty in places not normally viewed as beautiful and documenting it here. I also post observations about the urban enviroment we inhabit, ways to make it more sustainable and other issues - including my progress in developing a new business - that interest me.

In the email conversation/interview related to guerrilla gardening
Karen LaRocca asked me:

….can you address why you do this? (I mean, I know WHY, because I do it too, but a sentence or two in your own words?)


We need unstructured places of beauty in urban environments.

We need to reconnect to our food supply - radishes don’t grow in bunches with elastic bands around them

We need to learn that weeds are not always weeds and we can sometimes eat them.

I'm a wandering blogger. My previous blog host http://urbanwild.diary-x.com went offline in January 2006 and I'm trying to find a new home. I like the features of Wordpress's free site, but it isn't configurable enough for me. Until I get my own blogsite, I like this template for republishing my new & old entries.[Lost only 3; always make backups!!]