20 June 2004

Urban Wilderness - A wildflower garden - 20 Jun 2004 [backup test]

At around 3pm on a hot, sunny day I attached my kid trailer
][no kids] to the back of my bike and went to Safeway and
bought 4 40L bags of potting soil.

I then drove down to the north end of Science World
where the bike path meets with Pacific Ave and Quebec
Street in Vancouver, BC
and planted a garden.

First, I put down newspapers to stop the weeds, which
I cut down the Friday before. Then I emptied the two
bags of soil onto the newspapers. I also brought a bag of
used coffee grounds from Starbucks' Coffee. That went
onto the pile. The bag also contained used coffee filters,
which I used as weed barrier like the newspapers. Another
two bags of soil went on the pile.

I used a hand rake to make it level and planted Cottage
Perennial Mix, Pacific N W Wildflower mix.
To show that something was there, I also planted
2 Portulaca - “Sundial Mix"
1 Golden Rain Rosemary.

I put a sign up on the telephone pole outlining project
and providing my contact info. This was the last day of
the Dragon Boat Festival
so hundreds of people were walking by. Many had positive
comments. Nice.