16 November 2004

Edible Landscapes provides seed to UrbanWild...


is a successful microbusiness on the Sunshine Coast of BC that provides Permaculture information. Much of the stock was taken from healthy, food bearing trees and shrubs of the lower mainland of BC, or as seed purchased from England, a close mirror to our own marine climate. All plants are raised using BC Organic Standards and Edible Landscapes provides ongoing assistance to the limits of my own knowledge for the lifetime of your plant.

The minute Robin Wheeler heard the term Permaculture, she realized she had found the niche she had been looking for. Breeding plants for Permaculture gardens offered her a practical application for her happy urge to propagate any vegetation she could get her hands on.

Link from Plants for a Future database

Calendula (Calendula officinalis) An annual, but self sow readily

Corn salad x 2 – (Valerianella locusta) low, small spring and fall salad green, spreads from seed so clear mulch away from base and let “mother” die down after seeding. Plant will reappear in fall.

Nodding Onion (A. cernuum) Native variety, low growing clumps, pink flowers

Salad Burnet x 2 (Sanguisorba minor) "Occasionally cultivated in the herb garden, this is an evergreen herbaceous plant and it supplies fresh edible leaves all the year round, even in quite severe winters[K]. When grown as a salad, the plant should be prevented from flowering."

Sea Kale (Crambe maritima) Used since antiquity. The Romans preserved it in barrels for sea travel. Cabbagy plant with thick, plastic looking leaves. Blanched and eaten raw or cooked. Another plant interesting for its own visual merits.

Sweet Cicely (Myrrhis odorata) A fern-like licorice flavored shade lover, all parts edible. (B)(S)

Welsh (perennial green) onion (Allium fistulosum) plant these once and let them spread. When they reappear next spring, begin snipping the onion greens for salads. Spread about 3 fold a year. (S) (B)

Violets (Viola odorata) – leaves and flowers good in mixed salads. Research shows plant to have tumor reducing properties.

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