27 September 2005

The end is near - September 27, 2005

For the Car Barn Garden

I knew this day might come. The white post of death, courtesy of the City of
Vancouver Engineering Department, has finally
shown itself in one of my guerrilla gardens.

New Width of 1stAve #5 - 25Sep05"
New Width of 1stAve #5 - 25Sep05

Not sure when the contruction will start. Probably within the next year

It is the new width of 1st Avenue in advance of the Olympic Village

New Width of 1stAve - 25Sep05

There is some good news: The Transit Museum Society's Downtown Historic Railway
Car Barn will move to Chinatown which means they get an expanded route
and Vancouver gets some more sustainable transportation.

New Width of 1stAve #3 - 25Sep05

New Width of 1stAve #4 - 25Sep05

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