08 January 2006

Computer on all the time? Help create better cancer treatments. 08 January 2006

I've been doing this since September of 2001.

GRID.ORG ™ - Grid Computing Projects

Computer on all the time? Put it to good use while you are not using it. There is no cost to participate and no impact on your computer use. The project software allows your computer to screen molecules that may be developed into drugs to fight cancer.

Overall stats:

1.3 million members
3.5 million computers
450 thousand YEARS of CPU time
352 million results returned

My stats:

Members (Rank) (# 25,048)

Total CPU Time (y:d:h:m:s) (Rank)
2:265:01:46:29 (# 8,814)

Points Generated (Rank) 127,097 (# 15,159)
Results Returned (Rank) 360 (# 20,007)

Join my **GreatDay** Team and share the pleasure of helping to build better cancer treatments.

The Grid MP Global @ grid.org is a virtual supercomputer that can be harnessed to power computational research and analysis projects on a massive scale. By combining millions of online CPUs worldwide to work on extremely large computational projects, problems can be solved more quickly and less expensively than by conventional methods. Now any networked computer can help fuel research and projects that previously may have required a bank of supercomputers or a hundred years to complete.

To become a member of grid.org and participate in these important grid computing projects, simply download a free, non-invasive software program that works as a screensaver. It runs when your computer has idle processing time. Your computer never leaves your desk and the project never interrupts your normal PC use.

Grid.org lets you make a real difference without donating money or time, with the system that you are using to view this site right now-your home or office PC.

Q & As from the Comments section:

I want to join your team but need more details. What if I shut down the computer sometimes? What do I do once I join the team?
evenewra | Homepage | 01.10.06 - 5:20 pm


As long as the program is installed on your computer, it can run all the time or only when the screen saver is working.

Ligandfit will resume its work when you turn the computer back on.

In order to be part of GRID you have to download the UD program. The "Team" link will help you get them [it was broken, now it is fixed]. Once the progam is installed and you have a user ID you can login to GRID and join my team.

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