21 July 2006

Green idea not to be sniffed at!

It's okay to put tissues [wet napkins etc] in your compost. They are a brown, but with whats in/on them, they might be a green too!!

icCoventry - Green idea not to be sniffed at!

Jul 20 2006

HAYFEVER sufferers in Nuneaton and Bedworth are being urged to 'go green' with their tissues - and put them in their compost bin.

A huge number of used tissues are ending up in the bin during the summer months, and recycling supremos across the county say they could be used to help next year's blooms grow.

Used tissues can not be recycled but they can be used in a home composter.

Councillor Martin Heatley, the county council's portfolio holder for the environment, said: 'Home composting is this year's hottest recycling trend and people up and down the country are learning how to turn their kitchen and garden waste into top-of-the-range fertiliser for the garden.

'It is not just veg peelings and grass cuttings that can go into your compost bin, it is important to add drier organic materials such as shredded paper and card, sawdust, twigs and, of course, your old tissues to get a really good quality compost.

'Even though hay fever may be getting you down this summer, you can cheer yourself up with the knowledge that by recycling your old tissues you are doing your bit for the environment."

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