24 October 2004

A new location - October 25, 2004

Construction zones are intersting places to grow things.

In Vancouver, when a building is constructed the trees on the
boulevard must not be cut down, so they are protected

The site is guaranteed not to be disturbed for as long as
the construction is ongoing, allowing for long term growth and
observation. One of my hopes is that if it is attractive enough
when the barrier is removed, people may not disturb it

When I first saw this site it was one of four trees and it had the
most open ground before the leaves fell. I had a small prescription
vial that I had filled with White clover, red clover, crimson clover
and spread it out of the area.

This is a picture from about a week later

You can see the clover starting to sprout.

Here's a picture from yesterday - October 24, 2004

Here's another side, also from yesterday: