02 October 2004

My first seedballs ready - October 2, 2004 and updates [Pics]

Update: October 10, 2004 - New entry with pics. Seedballs sprouting!!

Update: October 6, 2004 - rained a few days ago. Many of the
smaller seedballs have disintegrated. I can see the clay debris
and the seeds open on the ground. The larger ones are intact.
Next time, I will make sure they are more compacted before
considering them done.

Update: October 3, 2004 - put the seed balls on the road island. Using the guideline of ten balls per meter I covered about three meters on each side. It is a long road island. So, I am probably going to need about 200 - 300 seedballs to cover it all.


I found a potter on Granville Island who sold me some red clay and a few days ago I made them. He said it was a brand/type called Redart

I used the instructions on the Path to Freedom page [that's their picture too - not direct linked!!], because they used measured quanities, 1 1/4 Cup clay 3/4 Cup compost, 1/4 Cup seeds.

There is a road island
that I found on my way to work and a few weeks ago, the city cut the weeds that were growing in the cracks. I figure if the "weeds" are pretty enough, they may not cut them as often.

I used the seeds I received from Cristina [see Wish List] and made a mixture of

Wildflowers [shade tolerant]
California Poppies
Red Clover
Crimson Clover

It all went very well. I made the mixture and sprayed it with water until it started sticking together. In the end, I had a ball about the size of a large apple - about 4-5 inches round.

The balls I made are a bit smaller than what was recommended, since I knew that they were going into a crack in the pavement. so while the recipe suggests I should get 40 - 50, I probably have around 70 - 80.

The smaller ones break under the pressure of my fingers giving them a tight squeeze. I'm not sure if it has to do with the size
or that I didn't compress them enough.

The weather outside is sunny so I put them outside to dry and
realized that I could do that just as easily on top of my 'fridge when the weather is not so good.

I'll "plant" them on Sunday.

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