24 September 2004

New blog added - Netivat Sofrut - a woman writing a Torah - September 24, 2004

Aviel Barclay


Not updated on a regular basis, but an impressive journey nonetheless.

"For the first time that anyone knows, a synagogue has commissioned a woman
to write a sefer Torah (Bible scroll). The synagogue is Kadima in Seattle,
Wash., and the woman is Vancouver resident Aviel Barclay. To the best of her
knowledge, Barclay will be the first woman to be certified in this ancient
Jewish vocation.

At this moment, Barclay has yet to start the actual writing of the sefer
Torah. In fact, she is in Israel now, completing her process of becoming a
certified soferet (female scribe). She began her training five years ago but
her interest in sofrut started long before that."