06 September 2004

Science World redo - Monday, September 6, 2004

Science World redo - Monday, September 6, 2004

I decided it was time to start from scratch at the
Science World location.

I loaded up my cart and went down to the site.
On the way, I picked up some cardboard in one
of the alleys.

[p] Once there, I shovelled the soil [p] onto one of
the pieces cardboard and used Roundup [ugh!]
along the edges of the bed to remove the wild clover.
I put cardboard on the ground and cut it to fit [p].
Where there were gaps, I used foil coffee bags from
Starbucks [p]. Slowly, I put the soil back on the
cardboard and filled the bed back in keeping the soil
evenly spread. Smaller pieces of cardboard were also
used to fill in any open spaces

While putting the soil back, I removed any weeds and
moss found in the soil and added 18L of topsoil to the
orginal mix [p].

After the soil was back on the bed, I took another piece
of cardboard and compacted the soil by kneeling on it.[p]
Finally, I put a bamboo stick at the small and ran some
green garden twine to a nail in the telephone poll and back,
so the strings were at different heights. To the string, I
added orange flagging tape.[p] With luck, this will deter
people from running over the garden. Of course on the
other side of the coin, it draws attention to the garden itself.

I decided that the winter garden would be vegetable,
so I planted Corn Salad again this time in three rows
instead of broadcasting them like I did at the Car Barn.


The seeds in the north row [closest to the road] are
unevenly spaced in the row as the seeds spilled
and I had to collect them off the ground and mixed
them with some gravel.

Spoke with about ten people who stopped by -
refered them to the diary site where possible by
asking them to Google urbanwild

Watered it all with 8L of water and took lots of PICs [p].

The Zen of gardening - a nice dry day, not to hot, not in a rush.
Arrived at 930am - left at Noon.