17 September 2004

Getting rid of bindweed [Morning Glory] September 17, 2004

Getting rid of bindweed [Morning Glory]

Update: September 23, 2004

Well, I think it is working, slowly in some spots, faster in others.

I may have to play with the formula a bit.

To get rid of it,


I'm trying this:

"You will get suggestions that involve a ton of work and you may have to
resort to that, but what I would suggest trying first is a "trick" with
roundup. Take a container like say a plastic milk jug, fill it half way with
a strong dilution of round up concentrate and dig a hole in the ground to
set the container (so it doesn't tip over and kill your pumpkins). Grab a
piece of bindweed, but don't rip it out of the ground, put the end into the
milk jug so part of it is submerged in the roundup. Secure the weed to the
jug so it can't get out and leave it sit until the weed is dead.

"The problem with bind weed is it's extensive root system and ability to
regrow from any root left alive. Using roundup via normal applications often
isn't sufficient to kill the entire root system which is why I recommend
soaking the plant in it until it dies completely.... one Garden Webber
reported doing this and seeing bindweed dying on several lots which would
indicate one weed with an incredibly massive root system."

I have four containers set up around the garden and will report on the

There is a bug that may solve the problem


Scientific Name: Aceria malherbae
Common Name: Bindweed gall mite
Type of Agent: Mite (Acari:Eriophyidae)

A website in BC refers to the same creature as

Aceria convolvuli