21 September 2004

Again! Vandalism at Science World - September 21, 2004

Again! Vandalism at Science World

The ground was dug up, coffee bags were exposed, the tansy uprooted, the bamboo "fence" was torn down.

It was a mess. As always, I feel sad for people who can only destroy what is supposed to be beautiful. [3p]

Surprisingly, the Corn Salad is still sprouting almost undisturbed. They missed the main rows.
Cleaned it up as best I could.

No matter; I'm going to put clover seeds on it tomorrow [September 23] and hope for the best.

If they take hold, I'll plant my veggies among them in the spring.

[September 23: In the end I could not put the seeds on the plot. I went to another triangle
of land a few meters south and threw them [Red clover, white dutch clover and
crimson clover] over a 2m sq area. [p]