03 November 2006

Biosa Bokashi profiled on Susan's Super Citizen Showcase

Great Day Bokashi Blog: Biosa Bokashi profiled on Susan's Super Citizen Showcase:
"Susan's Super Citizen Showcase:
Al's pleasantly scented compost solution

'It's changing the world - one bucket of compost at a time'.

That's why Al Pasternak likes selling Biosa Bokashi Bucket systems to folks like me - a person who really loves the idea of things that are 'hassle-free,' as Al describes his product. This alternative composting system is powered by beneficial micro-organisms that ferment kitchen waste (including meat and dairy products) into a soil conditioner that is buried directly into the garden.

Al, who promoted his product at the East Vancouver Farmers Market last season, says he has always been interested in sustainable living and a low impact life style. He's been educating people about using Bokashi - which means 'fermented organic matter' in Japanese - and offering it as a 'simple and easy' alternative for recycling kitchen waste.

'My main message is that composting can be done in a small space and it can be done with a minimum of fuss - which means that it can be done indoors and it won't attract flies and have odours,' he says. 'I wanted to find something that involved dealing with waste - stuff we have here anyways - and making it available to people when it otherwise wouldn't be available...."

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