21 November 2006

Musicovery - interactive Webradio

Found this through my del.icio.us popular sites section the other day.


It looks simple. The builders have collected hundreds [thousands?] of songs from different musical genres from rap to classical and everything in between.

What you do is click on the fading grey matrix on the left to determine the mood combination of the music you would like to play/hear: Dark, Positive, Energetic or Calm and it makes a selection of songs from all the genres for that area of the grid. You can also choose the dance tempo of the music you want to hear.

What is neat is that each music genre is respresented by a colour and as it goes through the playlist the song playing, the colour is animated. You can select or deselect music genres that you want included. Finally, if you click only on the music genre you get all that music for the mood/beat you selected.

I've spread news of my discovery around by email and the most enthusiastic response comes from my mother - in her mid-70s - who writes:
"...I just can't get over it. I have been entertaining myself for an hour now - I...[can't] believe how much of this music, so far, is so appealing to me."

Possible reason: When the energy/beat of the music is pleasing to your ears, then all the music that fits that tempo/mood is a positive listening experience - even if it is something you would not normally listen to.

My own musical horizons are being broadened and I am planning to seek out some of the artists featured either online or by CD/DVD.

At this moment, I'm listening to a Calm / Positive selection, my button is flashing to the right and slightly above the "m" in Calm. Miles Davis' "All Blues" is playing. Next up will be Archive's "Beautiful World". A few tracks later, the Door's "Riders on the Storm" will play. Ry Cooder and Cafe Del Mar also are in this compilation.

My only beefs with the service is that there is no on-page Mute button - I have Mute my whole system and there is no way to save your current playlist if you want to hear it again. There is no mood mixing either, but if you keep all music genres selected, then you will get a wide variety of musical stylings that make up for it.

The site is free in LoFi and you can subscribe to HiFi content.

Very impressive.

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