14 May 2006

Biosa Bokashi in the news - 14 May 2006

I track news stories about composting and other items of interest for the business that I am working on. A few weeks ago, I saw a story about a proposed compost facility near Sunol, CA which residents were opposed to. I wrote an email to the citizen group and told them about the advantage of Biosa Bokashi for reducing odors in solid waste management situations.

About ten days later the reporter from the paper called me and we had a conversation about why I sent the email and what Biosa could do for the facility.

Apparently I wasn't the only one and the result was a news story that appeared today:

Sunol compost plan gets noticed
Controversy swirls, even outside California

Al Pasternak of Vancouver, Wash.,[sic] works for Biosa Bokashi Composting, a company that advocates composting through "friendly microorganisms," such as bacteria and fungi.

"It looks like the community doesn't want it at all and the county is saying, 'Too bad, we're building it,'" he said. "In my reading of news reports, it's an issue for every compost facility out there. There is always the issue of smell downwind."

I'm in Vancouver, BC of course and the article doesn't mention that Biosa can be used for odor control.

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