18 May 2006

From Gristmill: Weed 'em and reap

Practical advice for the novice composter:

Weed 'em and reap

"What you can put in to your compost pile depends a little on your method. An active composting fanatic who builds the perfectly mixed carbon/nitrogen ratio pile and turns it every three days for three weeks, ensuring temperatures above 120 degrees at the middle of the pile, can be adventurous with ingredients. However, if you are a laissez-faire composter, your pile is simply a mound of weeds left to its own devices, and you intend to put it back on the garden, then you should follow fairly strict guidelines."

"The broad rule is, don't compost any plant bit that you don't want to see again."


If you used the bokashi method, pickling/fermenting the organic matter will render weeds ungrowable after they have been processed. This is an experiment which needs to be done. There is lots of field bindweedaka "morning glory" [usefull rating: 1{lowest} out of 5] in my backyard.

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