29 May 2006

The Garden Claw really works - 28 May 2006

Yes. it does. I received a Garden Claw in a Freecycle[TM] request and I used it today.

The Car Barn site has been neglected. It is not on my way to work anymore, so I don't pass by it on a regular basis. Over the winter and early spring, a tough grass started to grow along with the usual horsetail, so it was time to clean it up. My cheapo hoe/rake combo with the telescoping handle wasn't strong enough, so I took my garden claw, a real hoe [picked up at a garage sale for two bucks!!] and a mini shovel down today.

It worked perfectly! I would stick the claw in the ground, twist and all the grass and weeds were uprooted immediately. All I had to do was shake the dirt off of them after picking them up and toss them in the bike box.

That took four hours, but I hardly noticed the time going by.

I thought of stopping half way through but I didn't feel sore or as tired as I had at other times. By the end, my back was stiff, so I'll have to be careful over the next few days.

As I moved my way down the bed, I planted a viola, six calendula and five nasturtiums that I bought from Planting Seeds Project. I spread crimson clover throughout the bed. I filled and emptied the bike box of grass and weeds twice. By the end, the whole look of the space was much better, with only the plants I wanted in the ground.

Felt great. But it won't last. Already big changes are happening in the area as the 2010 Olympic Village is being constructed.

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