08 December 2006

BBC NEWS: Canada upholds gay marriage law

Well, Canada made the grade over at the Beeb:

BBC NEWS: Canada upholds gay marriage law
Canadian MPs have rejected a proposal by the governing Conservative party to overturn a law allowing gay marriage.

Twelve Conservative MPs, including several members of the cabinet, joined Liberals and Canada's other opposition parties to defeat the motion 175-123.

Read it all.

In a universe parallel to this blogiverse, I talk to people on the phone encouraging them to make a donation to a non-profit/charitable organization. When that group's support of same-sex marriage is a deal breaker and no further support is likely, I usually end the call in this way:

I understand how you feel and I want to leave you with this thought: 150 years ago, slavery was legal. 100 years ago, women couldn't vote. Have a good day.

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