02 December 2006

:: Path to Feedom :: The Urban Homestead

Positively inspiring. Visit this site and see how they grow their own food and more in Pasadena, CA!

:: Path to Feedom :: The Urban Homestead:

"We regard our 1/5 acre urban homestead as a sustainable living resource center where we are setting out to live by example while also inspiring others to 'just do it!'

Our objective is to live as sustainably and self-sufficiently as possible in an urban environment in harmony with nature and each other, while also inspiring others to 'think globally, act locally.' Our homestead supports four adults, who live and work full time on a 66' x 132' city lot (1/5 acre).

The yard has over 350 varieties of edible and useful plants. The homestead's productive 1/10 acre organic garden now grows over 6,000 pounds (3 tons) of produce annually. This provides fresh vegetables and fruit for our family's vegetarian diet and a source of income."

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