06 August 2004

email: Fw: Thanks for the fill - August 3-6, 2004

email: Fw: Thanks for the fill - August 3-6, 2004

Since sending this email [see below], I have spread the fill to a depth of 4
inches and 5ft wide along my boulevard. This morning, I added grass
clippings to one half and comfrey leaves to the other. The comfrey leaves
are big so I'm going to wait a day or two to let them break down before
turning them under.

Yesterday [August 5, 2004] I met a builder who said he would give me about
10meters of loam for the price of a six pack for one of his drivers. He was
supposed to call last night, but I haven't heard from him yet.

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Seed/plant requests:
Edible, perrenial and drought tolerant
Any seed packets [vegetables/flowers/herbs] you have not planted.
Seeds you bought for sprouting and have not finished.
Spice seeds [whole]: Mustard, corriander, caraway, fennel etc.

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From: A. A. Pasternak
To: Jack Koscielski
Sent: Wednesday, August 04, 2004 7:52 AM
Subject: Thanks for the fill

Hello Jack,

Thanks for the fill that you dropped off yesterday on the
boulevard in front of my house. It is going to make an excellent
garden bed in the spring.

As mentioned, I am looking for more but only if a reasonable
assurance can be given that it has not been subject to pesticide
or herbicide use in its original location. There is a likelyhood that
some of the plants I use will be edible, so having a clean base is
important to me. Having it free of sod is also an asset.

Please call me @ ##### in the event you have more fill
or know others who have the same.

Again, thanks for your assistance.

Yours Truly,

Al Pasternak