25 August 2004

Well, I got a response. - August 25, 2004

Mr. Laird replied to my email of the other day

He was very clear and to the point:

"You will NOT touch the bachelor button (blue) plante! If you do I will remove ALL of your plantes!

I don't like Oregon Grapes so don't plante any."

My reply:

"Dear Mr. Laird,

Thank you for responding. If I didn't ask, I wouldn't know.

Okay, no Oregon Grape. So a Rosemary bush where the
dead tree is now?

See you on the weekend."

I think he has different ideas than I about what beautification means.

When I started he seemed ambivalent about me doing this.

Now that he sees what is happening/changing, he might be wanting to keep control.

That's understandable, so a fine balance needs to be maintained.