21 August 2004

Rain and West Coast Seeds - Saturday, August 21, 2004

Rain and West Coast Seeds - Saturday, August 21, 2004

Rain for the first time in weeks on Saturday. Starts at 11:00AM, continues all day - heavy at times.
All told 19.8 mm falls. Amazing and beautiful.

Went with Ann D. to West Coast Seeds' open house.
We arrive at Noon just as the tour is getting underway and the torrent of rain begins. We tour anyway.
Four people who started before we arrived, get to wet and mosquitoed and leave - we have the place
to ourselves with our tour guide John who takes us on the tour. Sampling of wondeful veggies.
They grow the seeds they plan to sell next year in a test garden this year.

I buy seeds of

Anise Hyssop [Agastache, Licorice Blue]

Nasturtium, Tip Top Alaska


Partial Shade Wildflower Mix - 224g

Oats - Cover Crop

White Dutch Clover - Cover Crop


Companion Planting Chart

How to store fresh produce chart
[Room temperature or 'fridge]

It was a great day.